Who is Kybella® for?

Any adult who has a double chin and wants to eliminate it may be a candidate for a Kybella® treatment. It is not a weight-loss procedure, so patients considering it should not have an excess amount of fat in the area, but should be seeking it for re-contouring purposes.

The fat targeted by Kybella® is often referred to as “stubborn” or "diet-resistant" fat, because it can remain in stubborn areas even as a person sheds pounds from elsewhere by exercising and eating healthy foods. Even people who are finding success with lifestyle changes may consider the treatment, since dieting shrinks fat cells, but does not remove them from the body.

In these cases, fat may be physically removed from the body, either via liposuction, or destruction. Fat cells destroyed by Kybella® are permanently gone, removing them from the cosmetic equation.

The FDA has cleared Kybella® for use on the double chin. This is an area often prone to developing fatty deposits, which can cause a person to appear overweight, even if other areas of the body are slim and toned. However Kybella® is also used on other parts of the body with stubborn pockets of fat, like the jowls, bra roll, knees, elbows, saddlebags, and even the stomach.