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The plastic surgery practice of Dr. Copit, and Jenkins is the oldest continuous plastic surgery practice in the United States. The history and tradition of this practice is evidence of the quality of plastic surgical care that it provides.

This vast experience in Plastic Surgery has allowed our doctors to adapt and modify different surgical techniques to provide patients the best possible result. Our goal is to afford patients the most up to date procedures providing natural results with the least discomfort and quickest recovery time possible. We are careful to examine new procedures thoroughly before offering them to our patients. You can be assured that if we offer an operation, it is safe, proven and effective. Our office staff is dedicated to each patient’s satisfaction. For over 100 years, our practice has been founded on the belief that if our patients are well treated and are happy with their results, they will be kind enough to refer family and friends. Our Plastic Surgeons have never used advertising or other marketing tools to entice new patients. Our Plastic Surgery practice has been built one patient at a time, on a reputation for providing high quality, safe, consistent plastic surgical care. Our ultimate desire is to make sure each patient finds his or her experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We appreciate you taking time to learn more about why in today’s competitive plastic surgical environment, we may be the ideal plastic surgeons for you.