Correcting Teeth Alignment

The term “orthodontics” is derived from the Greek words orthos, meaning “proper or straight” and odons meaning “teeth.” demė’s team of Orthodontists is specifically concerned with diagnosing and treating tooth misalignment and irregularity in the jaw area, treating adolescents as well as adults, though the American Dental Association suggests that an orthodontic assessment should be performed around the age of seven. The earlier orthodontic treatment begins, the more quickly the problem can be successfully resolved.

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Orthodontic Conditions Assessed at demė

Anteroposterior deviations: The discrepancy between a pair of closed jaws is known as an anteroposterior discrepancy or deviation. An example of such a discrepancy would be an overbite (where the upper teeth are further forward than the lower teeth), or an underbite (where the lower teeth are further forward then the upper teeth).

Overcrowding: Overcrowding is a common orthodontic problem. It occurs when there is an insufficient space for the normal growth and development of adult teeth.

Esthetic issues: A straight smile may be marred by a single misaligned tooth. This tooth can be realigned with ease and accuracy by the orthodontist. Alternatively, orthodontists can also work to reshape and restructure the lips, jaw or the face.

Orthodontic Procedures at demė

Orthodontics is a technologically advanced field which offers many sophisticated solutions to malocclusions and other cosmetic problems. The orthodontist will generally perform a visual examination, panoramic x-rays and study models (bite impressions) in order to assess the exact nature of the discrepancy.

  • Removable devices: There are a wide range of removable appliances commonly used in orthodontics, including Hawley retainers that improve the position of the teeth even as the jawbone reforms.
  • Invisalign: A newer, removable, completely transparent dental aligner, Invisalign does not interfere with eating because of its removable nature, and mechanically works in the same way as the traditional metal dental braces. Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign.

demė offers a wide variety of orthodontic evaluations and solutions. If you or your child have reason for exploring these options, please come in to demė and let our dental team take excellent care of your family.