More About JUVÉDERM®

The active ingredient in JUVÉDERM®, hyaluronic acid, is a biodegradable substance naturally found within the body that helps to keep the skin youthful and provide volume and elasticity. Researchers discovered hyaluronic acid in the 1930s, also learning that it played an essential role in maintaining skin hydration and volume. The very first facial fillers utilizing hyaluronic acid were approved in the early 2000s and since that time, hyaluronic acid-based fillers like JUVÉDERM® have become one of the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic procedures in North America.

Following your JUVÉDERM® treatment, Philadelphia patients will want to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive exposure to sun or heat, and significant alcohol intake for about 24 hours. Following Nurse Injector Robyn Berger’s aftercare instructions will decrease both the recovery time and the risk of potential complications to the JUVÉDERM® treatment.

As with any procedure involving an injection, there may be some discomfort when the injection is administered. Patients who are particularly pain sensitive can discuss their concerns with Nurse Injector Robyn Berger, and a topical numbing agent may be applied prior to the treatment. Nurse Injector Robyn Berger can perform a gentle nerve block, which provides superior comfort during your procedure.

Some patients experience minor symptoms, such as redness, swelling, mild pain, and small raised areas at the JUVÉDERM® injection site. These potential effects are brief and usually disappear within a few hours. Applying an ice pack to areas exhibiting swelling is a quick, simple, and effective method of reducing the symptom.

You may be asked to avoid certain medications in the days prior to or immediately following the JUVÉDERM® procedure. Aspirin and certain other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, for example Advil, may exacerbate bruising.

The cost of the procedure varies depending primarily on the amount of JUVÉDERM® you require for your particular treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss the various pricing options as well as review your medical history to determine your allergies and any medication you may be taking.