The COVID-19 safety precautions in place at deme are in the following:

  1. Each patient is required to fill out a Covid-19 consent form and current health history including any potential exposure to COVID-19 through email.
  2. Upon arrival the patient is instructed to call the office to inform us they are outside with their mask on. A staff member greets them outside our entrance to take their temperature and if social distancing allows, are escorted into the waiting room. Hand sanitizer is placed on their hands.
  3. In the treatment room the patient rinses with a 1% hydrogen peroxide rinse and is seated in the treatment chair.
  4. Each dental treatment room is equipped with a VECTOR suction machine which is placed in front of the patient's mouth to reduce the aerosol during treatment, and air purifier which cleans the air every 15 minutes.
  5. Providers change into scrubs when they arrive to deme and wear N95 and P-100 masks, eye protection, face shield and an impervious gown.
  6. The treatment rooms are disinfected after each patient and sits empty 15 minutes for thorough disinfection.
  7. The entire office is frequently disinfected during the day, including all furniture, door handles, and restrooms.