Five Tips On Choosing The Right Nurse Injector

By demė |


Getting a cosmetic injection isn’t the same as getting your hair cut or your nails done. While someone can mess up a hairstyle or choose questionable nail polish color, an untrained or inexperienced injector could cause you a considerable amount of trouble and pain.

With the non-surgical beauty industry growing rapidly,it’s difficult to know which aesthetic medical office to choose. Choosing the wrong one is not just a fear, but a hazard you will be left to rue. To ensure you select the right professional, as experts in skin care, plastic surgery, cosmetic injectables, and brow artistry in Philadelphia, PA, demė has listed five tips on choosing the right nurse injector.

Tip #1: Credentials.

Look at their credentials and where they have trained.

Tip #2: What are the credentials of the medical director?

Find out who their medical director is and if it’s not a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, look elsewhere.

Tip #3: Look through photos.

Photos are a good indicator of what their aesthetic is and if it matches yours.

Tip #4: Research on social media.

Often, the Injector has their work on social media. So carry out a quick search on Instagram and their social media sites.

Tip #5: Get a consultation.

Schedule a consultation with the Injector. A consultation is usually complimentary, and is an excellent way of building a rapport with our injectors and specialists.

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